Friday, February 19, 2010

Atlast A Working Free Antivirus With On Access scan ClamAV

Dear Om Users

Finally I found A Great Spyware Remover Which uses clam anti virus to give real time on access scan. Its Free Only take little Memory ,You need to activate clam av it download clamav online & install its scan engine.

Its gives good protection how ever lacks of some report.

Cant scan zip files but catch virus while u extract them.

buts its 100% free :)

I love it due to its very low memory usage however I disabled automatic update because its take more memory.

Enjoy . 

Some Common Errors

Dear Om Users

If installer Freezes while "Creating user" Then Try Fallowing Instruction:

Please Check the Administrator -> "Local security Policy" & "Domain Controller security Policy(If Server is domain controller)" setting for password make it simple or Provide complex password while you install OM.

If it not work then contact me to Through Source-forge & provide access to me thru rdp.