Monday, August 4, 2008

Multiple Remote Desktop Per User in windows 2008 server or vista server


Thats the funniest problem

I have to give admin access to other user too. But when he logged in i logged off automatically so

after some finding i m able to alow multiple session per user by changing "Restrict Each User To a Single Session " to No

But it create problem he is doing java testing & multiple session is not supported by the application he is using & give unexpected errors .

after some research we finally understand this problem now I forgot that from where i allowed multiple connection . and after checking all GPO [U can also change setting from SPO but it wont work , I dont know why MS put that property which dont work] & local security etc for 5 days.

I googled but again no solution :(

FYI : I googled means I searched google , yahoo & msn .

However Finally I Hit again to administrative tool & changed the setting.

Start => administrative tool-> Terminal Services -> Terminal Services Configuration -> Edit Setting -> Restrict Each User To a Single Session


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