Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some Paid Component are included

Hi Guys

well I cant make fully Free Software.

4 Thing are really need to buy (I m Buying Developer License expect for mail system )

because all are developer License So it only take one time fees then i can redistribute it .

One For Mail server

One For FTP Server

One For DNS Server.

Last One I forgot.

Why I m Going To Buy & Why dont i get Open source version ?

I searched Open Source Tools but They are not advance to compete with plesk.

The Main Aim Of this Project is To Provide Low Cost or Free Control Panel For Hosting Companies / Individuals .

they are Providing software at one time fees so i Decieded To Buy them.

However I have not purchased them till now , So any one good in asp+Ajax & mail server tech please contact me aspa

Please Remember : We Are Going To Compete With Plesk & Cpnael So We must Provide the Features which they are giving.

So How Much it costs as my calculation u need to pay $1 per month or $5 max with mail Extended feature.

Its upto you u can have control panel for free but if u want more feature u need to invest some

How ever if some one donate them for community then it costs nothing.


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